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Klondike Gold Rush

One Throne Magazine is on hiatus.

One Throne does not believe in respecting borders in literature—literature is one kingdom. Some magazines may talk about publishing the best literary fiction, or the best science fiction, or the best Canadian or American writing, etc. To us, great writing can draw breath regardless of subject matter (in the case of genres) or where the writer comes from, or anything else.

We were founded at Dawson City, Yukon in 2014. BuzzFeed ranked us among the "29 Amazing Literary Magazines You Need to be Reading", along with Poetry Magazine, Tin House, Room Magazine, and select others. The awards and recognition our writers have received are listed here.

We pride ourselves on probably being the most diverse literary magazine on the planet. Most of our issues carry writing from at least three continents. Beauty is also important to us, and every poem or story is accompanied by its own dedicated art.

To learn more about One Throne, we invite you to read this interview with one of our editors, George Filipovic.

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Tombstone Mountains, One Throne Magazine
George Filipovic

George Filipovic is a lawyer who moved from his hometown of Toronto to Dawson City, Yukon in 2012. His practice is now focused on assisting victims of crime. He is the content editor at One Throne.

Dog Sledding, One Throne Magazine
Dan Dowhal


Dan Dowhal is a Yukon-based writer, producer, and educator. He is the author of three novels, and is currently signed with Dundurn Press. Originally from Toronto, Dan holds a journalism degree from Ryerson University and is a former Berton House Writer-in-Residence.


First Readers
  • Olga Belykh

  • Ethan Evans

  • Alana King

  • Stephen Pusateri

  • Joseph Slocum

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