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Writers & poets


Anders, Everly: Medically Necessary

Asghar, Fatimah: Drown

Austin, Eleanor: Giants

Bane Jr., Charles: My Love

Barker, Xanthi: The Unreflected

Beck, Zeina Hashem: Terror/Mathematics

Bouchard, Jean-Luc: Arm in Arm, March On
Björkman, Aje: Dr. Macia's Unreal Tree

Brown, William: Bipolar

Carroll-Hackett: This City, She Loves Me

Chandler, Gary Emmette: Where the Rest of the World Began

Charleston, Cortney Lamar: I'm Not a Racist

Chiba, Suemi: Skinning

Chong, Joyce: Resurrection

Collard, Andrew: Learning to Smile

Cover, Chris: The Original Title of This Story Was Bad

Crescella, Jazz: The Crescendo

Daily, Brandon: The Field

Daniell, Ruth: Love and Nail Polish

Day, Dalton: You're Scaring Me

D.C., Stephen: Monkey Business

Dulin, James: Teach for America

Elhillo, Safia: Watching Arab Idol with Abdelhalim Hafez

Emelumadu, Chikodili: Soup

Evans, Lesley-Anne: Desert

Favata, Ryan: Dog Years

Feldman, Sarah: Adagio, Largo, Tempo, Rubato, Allegro Poco a Poco

Fissenden, Emma: Then

Foust, Lee: Testament of Faith

Grainger, Sam: Knuckle Bones

Grimace: Lost Tribesmen

Groulx, David: Hobbesian Notions

Grzejka, James: Downpour Play

Hackinen, Meaghan: Where the Tide Rushes Between

Hoffman, Alicia: Matroyshka

Hoffman, Claire: Anatomy of the Inner Ear

Honum, Chloe: Kiwi

Huchu, Tendai: The Second Coming of Dambudzo Marechera

Huffman, A.J.: It's Raining in My Brain, Ethereal Motion, Because Seashells

Iroaganachi, Nnamdi: Bring Back Our Girls

Jones, Matt: Abi, Abbey, Abbie, Alexander

Kilongi, Muene: The Lunatic Express

Kobiashvili, Irakli: September 1 in Tbilisi

Knapp, Nathan: Ontario Blush

Kreuter, Aaron: Photograph

Ngwatilo, Mawiyoo: Dagoretti Corner, Easter

Makoha, Nick: The Informer and Candidate A

Marlon, Brandon: Stellar Observers

Marshall, Sarah: The Cleverest Daughter, Cutcomb

Masad, Ilana: In a World Gone Mad, Voracious

McAdams, James: Meran

Muthee, Margaret: The Escape

Muyskens, Luke: September 7, 2011
Ogene, Timothy: Notes from a Discarded Memoir

Osayande, Deonte: Today

Paulet, Emma: The Web

Pohl-Weary, Emily: Learning From the Hands

Prihoda, Michael: Short Poems

Reichard, Andrew: Many Things Live Backward

Reid, Kiley: How Long My Body Was

Renzi, Mary: Everything is More Beautiful Here

Rempel, Rebekah: The Magpie's Secret Lives

Sauve, Mike: The Careless Fuckery of Tim Ingersson

Schantz, Celeste Helene: Black Box
Sgaga, Gabriela: Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Sohail, Ali: Flood

Solanki, Tanuj: The Other Room

Sommers, Ephraim Scott: Up Against It

Suermondt, Tim: Staying the Courses

Steele, Jenny Wales: Wonderful

Strider, Cull: Red Cabin

Tarsha, Amir: The Physics of Satellites

Unigwe, Chika: Bethlehem

Ursuliak, Emily: Planting
Villacres, Wyl: Constant Motion

Walker, Raymond: Christ's Sad Eyes

Verdant, Roberta: Red Flesh


Visual artists


Altundag, Egin: Kobane

Anthony, Franz: Never to Be Broken Again

Aparicio, Raquel: Matryoshka

Aniola, Dominika: Night on Desert

Arya, Ngurah: Old Classroom

Basquette, Gunner: Gentleman Caller

Bag, Sergej: Dress of Roses

Binehaker, Eyal: Hagefen 4

Blanco, Marcelo A. Orsi: The Tree

Bobir, Andrey: Door of Consiousness

Bnspryd: Flower Boy, Vintage Children Playing

Campbell, Patrick: The New Age of Slavery

Canan: Falling Down in Sleep

Cardin, Kevin: Grassy Field Sunset

Connor, Paul: A Beautiful Day

Daley, Stark: Gaby's Cabin

Dal Maso, Erica: Eternity

D.C., Stephen: Monkey Business

Dowling Jr., Robert: The Great Escape, The Last Escape,  Until We Meet Again

Dmitriev, Stanislav: Joust

dractus-stock: Cliff Stock

Gilles-Nelson, Ashlie Dawn: The Magic of Love

Gora, Paulina: Amistadies

Fairiegoodmother: Beneath the Ocean's Surface

Florczyk, Barbara: Sky Full of Stars

Hackinen, Meaghan: Untitled

Hammond, Jacob: In the Hands of Giants

Harive, Brad: Pelly Crossing

Henry, Robin: Untitled

Hönninger, Marc: Deep Street

Honz, Tomas: Lost Paradise

Huggins, Nadia: Mother and Child

Hutchinson, Josh: Soul Ascending

Jansson, Diane Montana: Women of Color

Kavvalakis, Mateo: Come One, Come All

Krenger, Rosalie: Woman of Color

Lankss: Schoolyard

Lawrence, Evan: The Catalufa

Lee, Grace: As We Look Back in Regret
Leo the Fox: Alone My SoulOld Man Twice

Lindeke, Erin: Fishmonger
Makabresku, Laura: The Light for My Mother

Lorenza, Nathan: Pin Up - Roller Waitress

Manalo, Michael Vincent: The Man That Creates Skies

Martin, Eric R.: Second Chances Are Lost like Falling Stars

Mazard, Jérémie: The Flying Train

Mia: Embrace of the Web

McCabe, Alex: Crazy Driver Dude

Mihepu: Girl with Fish

Minetto, Wil: Locked Away

Mitenkov, Max: Garbage Memory, In Silence, Lost Words, Queen of Time, Scream, Shattered Sky

Mosse, Richard: Untitled (x2)

Nelson, Sean: The Magic of Love

Nina: The World on My Shoulders

Ntyeiko: Arrival of the Phoenix

NomNomBurgerZ: Piano En Cendres

Ogene, Timothy: Untitled

offermoord: Death Sphere of Hypnos

oorovska: Nonsense

Osipova, Lilia: Flowers of Nigeria

Paquette, Aaron: Returning Home

Peek: I Missed You Today

Red Tweny: Backing into the Void

Reinesch, Carlos Henrique: Music to Transcend

Rezo: Tbilisi Riverside

Sandara: Vain Harpy

Satyawarman, Emile: Jakarta Flood

Schade, Ernst: Dambudzo Marechera (Harare, 1986)

Siderov, Radoslav: Deep Meditation

Sinel, Cyril: Be Prepared

Slyvanie: Lost Assassin

Stock Project: Empty Chairs

Sukeile, Maja: Byn Som Slukades Av Dimman

Syrko, Marta: In My City

Toysoldier Thor: Shattered, Time Warped

Tyne, Lindsey: Untitled, Empty Chairs

Ursuliak, Emily: Untitled

VanDoren, Naomi: Flying Home

vtas: Underground


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