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"Deep Meditation" by Radoslav Siderov.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Brandon Marlon


We look down upon them and watch,

invariably amazed at their resilience,

touched by their nocturnal yearnings,

deeply moved by their tellurian plights,

alert to heartbreaking appeals of the ill and suffering,

patiently attuning to those destitute or imprisoned.

Throughout lengthy centuries of nights,

they pour out their longing before us,

lonely individuals isolated in space and time,

always deferential, frequently desperate,

begging of us things we cannot bestow,

even as their pleading elicits sidereal favors:

condescension, forbearance, implied solidarity.


Brandon Marlon is a creative writer from Ottawa, Canada. He received his B.A. (Hon.) in Drama and English from the University of Toronto and his M.A. in English from the University of Victoria.


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