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"In the Hands of  Giants" by Jacob Hammond.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Eleanor Austin


Touch your toes to mountaintops,

Blink away the dusty drops

Of space, as lungs fill up with clouds,

Your heart beating so fast it stops.


Reach up and touch a falling star,

That on your fingers leaves a scar.

The colours seep through thickened skin,

There to remind you who you are.


You blink and smile into the dark,

Your eyes admire each rusty spark.

Our stars have nothing left to say,

But supernovae leave their mark.


Dance over the canyons deep,

Rest your head on dreams to sleep,

When you scream, the heavens roar;

The whole world cries when giants weep.


Eyelashes dust souls’ domain,

Shower in the sheets of rain,

A giant’s eyes are bright and wide,

But too have suffered so much pain.


So clasp the bird with just one wing,

And sing the songs you love to sing.

Remember, with your heart in hand,

Our giants can see everything.

Eleanor Austin is a fifteen year old writer from Kent, England. When she isn't revising for her GCSE exams, or finding new and creative ways to get through the school day on two hours sleep, she enjoys writing poetry and short works of fiction by hand in her notebooks.

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