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"Piano En Cendres" by NomNomBurgerZ.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.


—a collection of poems

by Dalton Day



I wish I would have

                    stuck with the


          especially since

                              it’s on

          fire now

                    let’s climb

inside                      we are


          we are dying

          we are


          we are

disappearing through


                              only to

          appear again


I wish I could play

          you     something

                    worth l

          listening         to



Crow Boatin’
after a drawing by Anis Mojgani


we are in a boat

I am a crow

or I am a boy


with a crow head


& you are you

& you are

amazing like trees


are amazing &

we are in a boat


everyone else is

somewhere else


maybe dead


maybe just in

other boats with


other amazing

people but none

as amazing as


you are


we aren’t even

going anywhere

you are just


looking at you

in the skewed

& amazing


reflection in my

murderous eyes





I am twelve years old

& dig ging


a hole.


Mom assumes I

am going to plant a tree

& it will grow so big


& when she is old she

can sit beneath it.


But I am not planting

a tree. I am dig ging


a hole.


The sun is on my

back like a horse-fly

& this is astonishing.


I am older than when

I started dig ging

the hole.


Mom is such a good mom.

Dalton Day is an editor for FreezeRay Poetry. His poems have appeared in Hypothetical, Former People, and Rufous City Review, among others. He can be found at and on Twitter @lilghosthands.

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