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My Love, One Throne Magazine

"The Magic of Love" by Sean Nelson; animation by Ashlie Dawn Gillis-Nelson.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Charles Bane Jr.


My love, sweet,

dreams are where we

meet, but are they not

a finer place? What is

the sun? A common turn

of flaxen thread, scattering

wastes overhead that weather

conscious life. But at twilight,

love, the flooring's swept,

a loom removed in lowering

steps, and a hearth of sparks

is overturned. In transit hours

I know unfailing life. Did we not

walk in reverie an Eden of the

evening long? Did we not halt at an

airy cataract, and naked in rapture

press our lips below its spill?

Do I not love you well who

carries from his sleep an 

odor of stars?

Charles Bane Jr. is the authour of The Chapbook (Curbside Splendor, 2011) and Love Poems (Aldrich Press, 2014). The Huffington Post described his work as "not only standing on the shoulders of giants, but shrinking them." A contributor to The Gutenberg Project, he is a current nominee for Poet Laureate of Florida.

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