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This City She Loves Me, One Throne Magazine

"In My City" by Marta Syrko.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Mary Carroll-Hackett


This City, She Loves Me

like twelve bar blues, uneven eights liquifying asphalt beneath my wheels, inside my shoes, til I'm all but coming undone in the turnaround, on my knees, unbound, looking up from the street, store awnings droop sweat sexy shoulders in low country heat. Sing to me, baby, delta growl, shuffle slow, slash and slide, the city glides me til I'm straight up hollow bodied, held tight, cotton necked, swollen and the good kinda wrecked that only comes from being thoroughly, shamelessly, wantonly loved.

Mary Carroll-Hackett's work has appeared in numerous journals including Carolina Quarterly, Superstition Review, Drunken Boat and The Prose-Poem Project. Her books include The Real Politics of Lipstick from Slipstream, Animal Soul from Kattywompus Press, and If We Could Know Our Bones from A-Minor Press. She is currently working on a memoir.

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