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Dr Macia's Unreal Tree, One Throne Magazine

"The Tree" by Marcelo A. Orsi Blanco.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

Aje Björkman


In the abandoned tunnel, where the wind

weaves a muddy yarn, and an arched mouth

swallows the whale of the industrial park:

the chromium steel of the big city-sprawl;

the smell of ammonia from swastikaed walls.

It was there, in Detroit-dark, that Dr. Macia

initiated a plan to plant a hawthorn tree,

to set sail to the throat of the tunnel

to dismember the members of disbelief,

the notion that no thing grows in darkness

but leprosy and leprechauns and anemic

lemon-sucking vampires and O-positive blood-

food bums dressed in blues and purples handed

down from the laissez faire fist of outlier care.

So, Dr. Macia spirited the ground and

let the root-juice trickle down, further down,

and up the wiry, hairy fingers stretched

out on a limb: exoneration at hand.

Come here, Dr. Macia said. Come and see!

And a lowly, lovely bum, seen

as a red dot in the dark, said:

That, good man, is quite unreal. Say

is it a lemon-tree?


Aje Björkman is of Swedish birth, his feet planted in Swedish soil, too: he´s a freelance journalist and writer based in Karlskrona. His previous creative work in Swedish has appeared in Rymden and Bonne Nouvelle, and his first English offering appeared in Remaking Moby-Dick, a special issue of the Pea River Journal.

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