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September 7, 2011, One Throne Magazine

"Locked Away" by Wil Minetto.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

Luke Muyskens


Hear one, in the loud torpor

Of hot sub-retinal mystery.

Two gathered, bound in the scarlet

Of unkempt forefathers.

Cut to spill, dry, scatter,

Re-consume, draw to caverns.

St. Anthony Main

Cries with heavy heathen charisma.

Tendons, muscles, veins

Stretch, flex, boil.

Bury the mandibles.

It all rushes towards the door.

Sink that juvenile vessel,

Send it all to the locks and dams.

And twenty-one years past writing

She looks at me as to the lighthouse—

I back as to the Wheel of Fortune.

I drop pebbles through the holes.

She knows we’ll be here forever.


Luke Muyskens was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has since graduated from St. John's University and is currently pursuing an MFA through Queens University of Charlotte. His poetry attempts to fuse reality and his perceived reality by depicting truthful events in a surreal fashion. His interests include mangoes.

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