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"The World on My Shoulders" by Nina.
© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Tim Suermondt


The sway of the world

always enthralls me, even

when the world disappoints.


I love the mixture of gravitas


and sexiness—the mind in a book,

the hands holding a pair

of thin, light-colored panties—


what a night for astrophysics


and human beings. I walk the wide

boulevards, the side streets reeking

of red, exotic roses—my feet moving


to a rhythm I actually believe is mine.


Tim Suermondt is the author of two full-length collections: Trying to Help the Elephant Man Dance (The Blackwater Press) and Just Beautiful (New York Quarterly Books). Some of the publications that his poems appear in or are forthcoming from include: Poetry, Blackbird, PANK, and Ploughshares. After many years in Queens and Brooklyn, he has moved to Cambridge with his wife, poet Pui Ying Wong.

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