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Flood, One Throne Magazine

"Jakarta Flood" by Emile Satyawarman.

© Please do not reproduce without artist's permission.

by Ali Sohail


The levee marks

The yellow line I

Stand behind

The seasonal drift

The maelstrom clench

I leap, I swim

Athwart the tide

As palms hit hushed

Notes and I claw, tear

Through spume and

Seine, puncture the

Tension, liquefied and

Grasping for breath

Against the lee of

The bank, vertebral

Shiver, knocked up

Against a frisson

It is electric I am

Charged I feel

Atomically immortal

Driven sole first

By this perennial freshet

While breaths come

Quicker come shallow

And stop

I break under and dimple

Sun flow with bubbles and

My hands are wings

And the current is wind

And I’m a child again


Originally from Alberta, Canada, Ali Sohail is currently a biology student at the University of Toronto, and an aspiring poet. He loves to travel, binge-watch Seinfeld, and play cricket. This is his first publication.

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